Why study in the UK or the US?

“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship.”

According to the Times Higher Education University Rankings for 2013, the top ten universities in the world are in the UK and in the US, making them the most coveted destinations for international students at secondary and university levels.

British Universities
– The UK alone is home to more than half of the top 10 universities in Europe, according to the Times Higher Education University Rankings for 2013.

– Studying in the UK is key to sharpening English language skills that will open a path to countless professional opportunities post graduation.

– The UK is very well suited for undergraduate students who are certain of which degree they want to pursue.

– Studying in the UK will expose students to people of diverse backgrounds, from around the world, adding new perspectives that will enrich the academic experience.

– UK universities place great emphasis on the independent thought, research and self-discipline necessary for success in the professional world.

– A recent survey by the British Council’s Education Intelligence shows that 95% of Turkish students say that they want to study overseas, with the UK as one of the top destinations.

US Universities

– What makes the US higher education system an appealing option for students who are still undecided about what career path to take? US universities enable students to explore their academic interests during the first two years of undergraduate studies, allowing for more time to select the degree or career they want to pursue.

– With a number of internationally recognized research breakthroughs and a long tradition of Nobel laureate success among its faculty, US graduate programmes are among the most prestigious in the world for every major field of study.

British Boarding Schools:

– Provide a home away from home: a safe and comfortable environment, which simultaneously fosters student confidence, self-sufficiency, and independence prior to university.

– Emphasise individual strengths and interests, a model with high-academic standards that turns students into well-rounded individuals prepared for university.

– Provide exposure to a culturally diverse environment with unmatched support for international students.

– Offer excellent facilities designed to promote the value of balancing academic learning with extra curricular activities.

– Serve as a key stepping stone to highly competitive university programmes across the US, the UK and Europe.

“Design your education, shape your future.”