About Us

FutureMinds is a London-based international education consultancy with 26 years of experience and a strong presence in Turkey.

Since 1987, FutureMinds founder and education consultant Omur Yeginsu has guided children, young adults and professionals with a tailor-made ‘Education Map’ approach designed around individual ability, goals, and needs. We engineer our clients’ education to ensure that they take the best path toward success.

With the British education system at the heart of our philosophy, we work closely with clients, teachers, tutors, schools and governesses to combine core elements with student goals.

Through our expertise, we support our clients through every hurdle, challenging them to reach their full potential, become global citizens, and enlighten others.

Futureminds Educational Consultants ltd.

Company Registration Number: 06044288

Company Registration Address: 187 High Road Leyton, London, E15,2BY

“Design your education, shape your future.”