Business English for Executives

How we can help:
  • Placing the best teachers for private English lessons
  • Designing a customized language program around client schedule
  • Placing clients in top English summer schools based on requested location and other preferences
  • Assisting with registration and related paperwork
  • Assisting with living arrangements through the duration of the course
  • Monitoring client progress to ensure goals are met
  • Providing any additional mentoring necessary

Recognizing that English is the official language of the business world, we specialize in finding the best Business English courses in Britain and the U.S to help our clients develop their language skills particular to corporate world. We build a plan that helps clients meet their goals effectively and around difficult schedules.

Private tutoring
For those who prefer private lessons, we place qualified teachers in the work place and at home, during or after office hours. For clients looking to spend longer periods of time in a specific location, we also arrange for private lessons around their preference.

Summer courses
For English learners at intermediate or advance levels, we offer placement options at leading summer programs with social interaction and a wide range of activities paralleled with the intensive business English language courses.

“Design your education, shape your future.”