Education Map

How it works
  1. Initial consultation
  2. Design your Education Map
  3. Choose the right path
  4. Begin the Journey
  5. Reach your Goal

“What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul.”
(Joseph Addison)

Before embarking on the new journey towards university or boarding school, we carefully design an ‘Education Map’ tailor made for the student. We gauge student strengths and weaknesses, establish personal vision, and measure those with individual objectives. Once we weigh student ability against the programmes of choice, we map out key stages and prepare the student to reach his or her targets.

Once the journey begins, we closely monitor progress and provide constant support through experienced tutors and supplementary academic and language courses.

Without direction, empowerment, and support, the journey can become daunting, fading student aspirations, determination and confidence. FutureMinds’ core ‘Education Map’ process provides the guidance needed to ensure that educational goals are reached.

“Design your education, shape your future.”