Study in the UK

Boarding School

We can help:
  • Design an ‘Education Map’
  • Place the student in the right boarding school according to his or her profile
  • Prepare the student for entrance exams and admission requirements
  • With the boarding school application process
  • Provide additional educational mentoring, if required, after the placement

UK independent schools have a reputation overseas as the best in the world.
The UK boarding school system empowers students beyond the confines of the classroom curriculum, shaping them into global citizens. Academic and social enrichment is built into a wide range of extra curricular activities such as music, sport, drama, and practical electives aimed at encouraging students to learn the value of a balanced lifestyle.

While boarding schools are built on similar structures, some have a stronger academic focus while others place a greater emphasis on sport and/or the arts.

Once we assess a student’s strengths and areas for development, we point toward the school that best matches both parent and student preferences. Most importantly, we help to find the school that places the greatest emphasis on the strengths and needs of the student.

We believe that our approach provides students with the best chance of excelling to their full potential, increasing the number of opportunities for university and the professional world.

“Design your education, shape your future.”